Sustainability report assurance and verification

Sustainability report assurance and verification

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With an increased global focus on sustainability and climate change, organizations want to improve their operations, adopt sustainable practices, and monitor their impact on the environment, society and the economy.

A sustainability report is intended to disclose an organization’s impact, goals and performance and is typically in relation to social and environmental criteria. Verification supports the validation of environmental or social claims made by an organization and may be available online, or through an annual report. Environmental criteria can focus on areas such as waste, water, carbon, energy, greenhouse gases and recycling. Typical social topics can include community engagement, anti-bribery and corruption, human rights, health and safety, labour and management.

Sustainability report assurance (SRA) provides an objective verification of your sustainability / ESG report. Assessments are normally conducted in accordance with the globally recognized GRI Standards 2021 and AA1000 Assurance Standard v3. The BSI assurance process addresses four key areas of your reporting:

1. Inclusivity
We’ll evaluate the effectiveness of how your organization identify and engage
your stakeholders in managing your material topics.

2. Materiality
We’ll assess your prioritization of issues and identify any omissions or
misrepresentations that could influence the decisions or actions of your stakeholders.

3. Responsiveness
We’ll determine whether your report communicates and provides evidence
that you have responded effectively to stakeholder concerns, policies, and
relevant standards.

4. Impact
We’ll check how well you measure the effect of your behavior, performance and/or outcomes on the economy, environment, society, stakeholders or the organization itself.

On the successful completion of the assessment, we’ll produce an Independent Assurance Opinion Statement.

Benefits to your organization

  • Provides assurance that the data your organization submits is accurate and reliable
  • Validates the information you are sharing with clients, shareholders and stakeholders
  • Enhances confidence about the integrity of information and data you provide
  • Demonstrates your organization’s transparency
  • Avoids greenwashing
  • BSI assurance statement for inclusion in your publication