Supplier Auditing Training

Supply chain management is an essential part of an organization’s operations due to the increase in dependence on outsourcing. Supplier auditing is useful to verify a supplier’s processes, products or services for compliance against regulatory requirements, customer specific requirements or agreed standards.

Results of the audit provide useful information for decision making, which can impact supplier selection and control. Therefore your organization needs to ensure auditor competency in providing reliable audit results so you can make informed decision.

By attending this two day course you’ll gain the knowledge and skills to not only conduct supplier audits, but also identify whether requirements have been met to enable appropriate selection and management of suppliers within your organization.

How will I benefit?

You’ll be able to:

  • perform an audit using new skills and methodology
  • demonstrate the process-based approach in auditing the supplier
  • provide a report on areas that are effectively implemented, require improvement or nonconforming to the specified requirements

Our experienced tutors have practical application of the subject matter, enabling them to understand and meet your specific industry requirements.