Measuring & Improving Customer Satisfaction

“Customer satisfaction – your best bet for continued success.”

Customer satisfaction is crucial to continued business success.  No one refutes this, and this is an important requirement in Quality Management System standards.  But, do you know how your customers perceive your organization? What are their expectations? What are the shortcomings that they see? What would be an area that would delight them?

This  course  introduces  a  systematic  and  practical  approach  to  designing  the  right measures for discerning customer perception and satisfaction levels. More importantly, this course emphasizes listening to the voice of the customer on what matters to them and the  use  of  this  information for  value  creation, enhanced  customer care  and  taking customer relationships to the next level.

How will I benefit?

Upon completion of training, participants would be able to:

  • plan and design the right processes and measurement tools for tapping customer satisfaction
  • analyse and interpret the data
  • most importantly, apply this information in initiating improvements and deepening customer relationships.