Cyber security and your business

Welcome to our cyber security pages, which aim to raise awareness among small and medium-sized enterprises of key threats and explain how working with standards can reduce risk and leave your business better protected.

According to the 2014 Information Security Breaches Survey, commissioned by the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills, the cost to UK plc of security breaches is of the order of billions of pounds a year and has roughly doubled since 2013. No business, whether large or small, can afford to ignore cyber security. More than eight percent of SMEs reported an ‘extremely serious’ security breach during the past year. SMEs that manage their cyber security effectively will have a competitive advantage in today’s online, interactive world.     

Key cyber security areas to address

Each page below identifies the key issues in that area of cyber security and how standards can help. It then links to a further page with details of relevant standards. We cannot say which standards are most applicable to you and your specific problems. But hopefully these pages will help you identify and prioritise your cyber risks and then assist you in knowing where to look for further information.

Cyber security problems and solutions

Not all threats are external. In fact, much cyber-related loss suffered by UK SMEs comes from within, for example, when employees deliberately misuse data. Sometimes damage is unintentional, for example, when an employee accidentally corrupts valuable data. In some cases, businesses fail to recover from more serious cyber security breaches.

In many instances, having simple (and often low-cost) cyber security measures can prevent loss or damage. At very least, it can leave your business better protected and able to recover more quickly.

Sometimes technology provides protection, in other cases it is about having the right systems. You will also need the full backing of your employees and suppliers.

By providing a framework of best practice and knowledge, standards can help UK businesses to strengthen their cyber security measures. 

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