BSI Standards Awards

BSI Standards Awards – 2020 Special Edition

The 2020 Special Edition of the BSI Standards Awards has been created to recognize the individuals and organizations that have made great contributions to standards/standards guidance or have used a voluntary standard(s)in new/unprecedented ways specifically to support the UK’s response to the pandemic.

Winners of the 2020 Standards Awards have been announced.

2020 Special Edition BSI Standards Awards List of Winners and Nominees 

About the Awards

Welcome to the BSI Standards Awards page. On this page you can learn about our awards which recognize exceptional contributions to standards-making and those which recognize use of voluntary standards to achieve particular outcomes.

BSI Standards Makers Awards

All standards-makers are invited to make nominations for the BSI Standards Makers Awards and there are several options – from leadership to best new member, amongst others – for nominators to choose from to explain why they would like their chosen nominee recognized. Nominators can nominate more than one person / organization for an award but cannot nominate themselves / their own organization.


BSI Standards Users Awards

The BSI Standards Users Awards to recognize how organizations have used a voluntary standard(s) to achieve a particular outcome – from resilience to innovation, cost savings to international trade / market access, amongst others. Everyone is welcome to make nominations for these awards and organizations can nominate themselves.

NB: Please note that the BSI Standards Users Awards do not constitute any form of certification or kitemark but simply offer a means of recognizing the benefits of using voluntary standards.