Smart Cities Advisory Group

The Smart Cities Advisory Group is a core group of stakeholders comprising 30 members from cities, academia, industry, SMEs and other organizations. The role of the Advisory Group is to provide on-going expertise on developing the market for smart city products and services and how these can be used to enable cities to change to meet the challenges they face. The Advisory Group will also provide oversight and feedback on the smart city work programme as a whole.

The Smart Cities Advisory Group will:

  • Define a vision and strategy for the creation of a standards road map for the UK, as well as priority issues for European and international standardization
  • Review the coherence of the programme to ensure that appropriate linkages are made between the different work areas and to identify obvious gaps
  • Advise on new topic areas where a standardized approach can accelerate smart city development and address barriers to progress
  • Help to develop a stakeholder engagement strategy, both to elicit the views of key stakeholders on the developing standards programme and also to raise awareness of the resources being developed by BSI
  • Maintain links with key smart city initiatives in the UK and internationally to ensure that the standards being developed are relevant and useful.

The BSI Smart Cities Advisory Group has identified a number of standards-based activities that are key to supporting cities become smarter. A list of key issues that need to be dealt with has been agreed and the type of standard that would be appropriate for each has been identified.

The Smart City Advisory Group recommended the following: