BRCGS Food Safety Standard – Issue 8: What’s on the menu?

BRCGS Food Safety Standard - Key Changes
From Issue 7 to Issue 8


Issue 7 of the BRCGS Global Standard for Food Safety will become redundant in February 2019, when the more robust, version 8 takes over. 

There are several changes, additions and amendments between issue 7 and issue 8 of the BRCGS Global Food Safety Standard, including the integration of pet food, new environmental monitoring clauses and a heightened focus on food safety culture and top management commitment. But what does this mean?

To support with the transition, BSI are hosting free events and webinars in 2018, with industry experts offering guidance and support on a range of topics linked to the new standard.

BRCGS Auditor Kate Adams discussed changes on Issue 8 of the BRCGS Standard at two events and two webinars in 2018. Events and webinars are free to attend, and BSI will continue to update our BRCGS version 8 page with information on BRCGS food safety training and issue 8 transition resources.  

Emphasis on Management Commitment to Food Safety Culture

Food Safety Culture




Issue 8 places clear obligations upon the auditee to develop a vertical food safety culture. This must engage senior management at the top to create and implement a strategic plan that permits review and continual improvement, as well as encouraging employee communication and ownership from the bottom up. Those organizations likely to do well at audit will have worked closely with and consulted HR, Procurement and IT during preparation and implementation, ensuring that they too contribute to the audit process. 

New Cyber Security Clauses

New Cyber Security Clauses

The addition of cyber security clauses into the BRCGS Food Safety Standard takes the standard from a food safety management system, into a food business management scheme. The recognition that information security is just as important as physical security in a modern day food business, lines up with recent developments such as GDPR, and the fact that the number one concern for any business in 2018 is the threat of cyber attack. This slots into the food standard well, aligning with HACCP, TACCP and VACCP. There is a continuous theme and synergy with new clauses around product security and defense, which help to make the BRCGS Food Safety Standard's 8th iteration more globally applicable, especially where FSMA regulation is concerned.

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Author: Erica Armstrong

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