Certified Lead Implementer Professional for (ISO 50001:2018) Energy Management System

Certified Lead Implementer Professional for Energy Management

Course Aim: To gain an understanding of effective energy management in an organization by providing a systematic approach to achieving continual improvement of energy performance, Understanding the standard, Implementation in your organization and how to conduct Internal Audit as per new standard.

Course Description:  Our five-days ISO 50001:2018 CLIP course uses an activity-based, delegate-centered approach. This helps you share energy management experiences and knowledge with other attendees, bringing the information presented alive to improve retention and support your implementation process when you return to work. With the full support of a world-class BSI tutor, you’ll learn about ISO 50001, common terms and definitions in the standard as well as the key concepts and requirements related to ISO 50001:2018 Energy Management Systems (EnMS).

You will also learn how to implement the standard in the organization with data capturing, analysis of data and plan actions to achieve them. You will also be able to learn the finer points of auditing that will help the organization in identifying the issues and address the non-conformities.

An examination is held on the final day and successful delegates will be awarded the BSI CLIP Certificate.

How will your organization benefit?

This course will help you:

  • Understand and explain the importance and benefits of having an effective energy management system in place
  • Develop and implement an EnMS that allows your organization to continually improve how it uses energy
  • Manage energy consumption and efficiency for your organization
  • Understand how energy performance is a key element of an organization’s performance and the benefits of integrating your EnMS with your organization’s overall strategy
  • Motivate your colleagues as well as engage their commitment and cooperation as you implement and maintain the system
  • Inform your senior management team of the requirements of the standard, help them decide on next steps and provide guidance on implementation decisions and auditing requirements
  • Recognize the important role that energy management systems have in accelerating climate change action in support of United Nations climate change agreements
  • Support your organization in recognizing corporate social responsibility, sustainability and governance initiatives as well as protect its brand and reputation