The RADMAC scheme is an initiative between national certification bodies for manufacturers of domestic radiators and convectors to EN 442.  Licensees who hold one or more of the following certification marks to EN 442 at the same location, may benefit from the scheme.

  • AENOR mark - Spain
  • AFNOR NF mark - France
  • BSI Kitemark - UK
  • RAL mark – Germany 

Each of the Certification Bodies is a signatory to an agreement to accept test reports from RADMAC approved test laboratories and to accept assessment reports from each other when visits are made under the requirements of RADMAC. 

Visits will be conducted by an auditor(s) from one of the Certification Bodies and cover all of the relevant certification marks held at the same location. The relevant CBs will accept the certification report 

Product sampling for audit testing will be taken with sufficient samples for all the relevant certification body's requirements. Testing is at one of the RADMAC approved laboratories. The relevant CBs will accept the test report(s). 

Licensees benefit from access to different certification marks with the reduced costs of combined visits and testing to cover all the marks in the scheme.