Construction Products Regulation (CPR)

The Construction Products Regulation (CPR) has been adopted by the European Commission and UK Government and replaces the Construction Products Directive (CPD). As a result of the change, CE marking will soon become mandatory in the UK. Manufacturers and importers have until July 2013 to ensure that their construction products meet the CE requirements of the new Regulation.

NEW Thermal Performance Verification Service from BSI

On the 1st July 2013 the Construction Products Regulation (CPR) became effective. As part of CPR the calculations for the thermal performance of windows and doorsets now need to be verified by a Notified Body.  As a Notified Body BSI can help you with this. 

What is the BSI Thermal Performance Service? 

BSI has developed an innovative verification process that allows a large number of previously calculated ‘U’ values to be verified giving manufacturers the opportunity to quickly and easily gain the required verification.  As we take into account simulations previously performed this allows a wide range of products to be covered which minimizes additional work.

Why do you need this? 

This is a legal obligation. To sell your windows and doorsets they will need to be CE marked. This requires the implementation of factory production control, declaration of safety devices, dangerous substances and thermal performance.  The evidence supporting these declarations must be based on work carried out by a Notified Body such as BSI.  

What is the process? 

First of all BSI conducts an on-site assessment. Following successful implementation by the manufacturer of any required actions we will then produce a Notified Body Initial Type Test (ITT) report. This will cover the full range of products which allows you to make the appropriate declaration of Thermal Performance under CE marking. 

To find out more about the BSI thermal performance verification service, please call us on 08450 765606 Or email us at

According to the Regulation, the requirement for CE marking will apply to:

"any product or kit which is produced and placed on the market for incorporation in a permanent manner in construction works or parts thereof and the performance of which has an effect on the performance of the construction works with respect to the basic requirements for construction works."

Any products that fall under this definition that are placed on the market from July 2013 and are covered by a harmonised standard, will have to be accompanied by a Declaration of Performance and will need to display the CE mark.

The move to CPR builds on the success of the CPD, allowing construction products that have been assessed against harmonised standards to be legally placed on the market anywhere in the European Economic Area. 

How does CPR affect you?

If you manufacture or import products that are within the scope of the Regulation, you will be required to declare that the product complies with the Regulation and display the CE mark, before they can be sold in the UK and Europe.

The responsibility for ensuring that a product has the correct characteristics for a particular application rests with the building designers, contractors and local building authorities, and manufacturers and importers will be required to provide the necessary testing evidence.

How can BSI help you prepare for CPR?

Kitemark can help you prepare for 2013, when CE marking will become mandatory under the Construction Product Regulations. Kitemark certification exceeds the basic requirements of CE marking and demonstrates the quality and reliability of your products.  Kitemark includes the initial type testing required for CE marking, so we can provide the evidence that you need to comply with the new regulations.  

Find out more about the new construction regulations

We are also able to provide expert advice on the requirements of the CPR and its implications for construction products. To find out how our testing and certification services can help you comply with the CPR please email

As BSI is a Notified Body for the Construction Products Directive, we can help you to prepare for the Construction Products Regulations by CE marking your products now.

As more and more harmonised European standards are published, CE marking is applicable to an ever increasingly number of construction products under the Construction Products Directive (CPD).

Manufacturers continue to face a complex global market place, affected by multiple regulatory systems, international and national standards and certification requirements. This complex environment is dynamic, influenced by many national and international forums and initiatives, particularly the drive towards global harmonisation.