Lifts (95/16/EC)

What is the Directive?

BSI is a Notified Body for the Lift Directive and through our testing and certification you can be sure that your lift systems or components can deliver the best in safety and reliability.

The Directive is the legal requirements that have been written by the European Parliament. Each Member State is then required to adopt the Directive into their own National statute laws. Proof of compliance to the Directive is indicated by the manufacturer (or his agent) of the safety component or the installer of the lift placing the CE marking on the product.



Who is the Directive for?

The Lifts Directive covers both safety components and whole lifts and covers the manufacture and installation of the lifts. The directive therefore applies to both manufactures and to installers of lifts within the European economic Area.



What products  are covered by the Directive?

The Lifts Directive (LD) applies to lifts permanently serving buildings and constructions. It also applies to safety components for use in such lifts. A 'lift' is defined as an appliance serving specific levels, having a car moving along guides which are rigid and inclined at an angle of more than 15 degrees to the horizontal and intended for the transport of:

  • persons
  • persons and goods
  • goods alone if the car is accessible and fitted with controls situated inside the car or within reach of a person inside

Lifts moving along a fixed course even where they do not move along rigid guides fall within the scope of the Directive (for example, scissor lifts).



Benefits of meeting the directive

By meeting the requirements of the Directive you will be able to sell your products into Europe. This is one of the ways that BSI can help you to access global markets, be compliant and to grow your business internationally.



Next steps

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