Hot Water Boilers (92/42/EEC)

What is the Directive about?

This Directive relates to the efficiency requirements for new hot-water boilers, looking into improving energy efficiency and the subsequent reduction in the emissions of carbon dioxide from standard, low temperature and gas condensing boilers (4 - 400 kW output).

The Directive forms part of the European Union’s SAVE program (Specific Actions for Vigorous Energy Efficiency) and specifies minimum levels of efficiency that new hot water boilers must operate at whilst running at full load or part load conditions.

The directive is expected to be recast in the near future as an implementing measure under the EU directive on energy-related products.

Who is the Directive for?

This Directive is relevant for manufacturers of hot water boilers wishing to sell products in Europe. Once the requirements of the Directive have been met then a manufacturer will be able to apply CE marking to their products.

What products does the Directive cover?

The Directive covers heating boilers from 4kW up to 400kW output, using natural gas, LPG or oil as their fuel source.

The directive specifies efficiency limits for “standard”, “low temperature” and “condensing” boilers.


The directive excludes:

solid fuel boilers,

water heaters (for sanitary purposes),

one-off appliances,

and appliances using fuels that are not commonly marketed (eg: biogas).

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