CSA STAR Certification Training

BSI, in association with the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) has developed training courses to help service providers become better at managing the security of their cloud services. This should not only give customers of service providers confidence in their ability to deliver, it can also enhance reputation and could be an important differentiator between competitors.

Our courses cover many aspects from helping you learn how to check compliance with the CSA’s Cloud Control Matrix to helping you develop the ability to prepare for or maintain CSA’s Security Trust and Assurance Registry (STAR) Certification.

Only a certified STAR auditor can assess a service provider against the CCM to recommend STAR Certification. Any certification body wishing to provide CSA STAR Certification audits will need to ensure their assessor attend  the Certified STAR Auditor course.

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Australia - https://www.bsigroup.com/en-AU/ISO-27001-IEC-27001-Information-Security/Training-courses-for-ISOIEC-27001/Training-courses-for-Cloud-Security/

China – http://www.bsigroup.cn/zh-cn/Assessment-and-certification-services/Management-systems/Standards-and-schemes/--STAR/

Hong Kong - http://www.bsigroup.hk/en/Training/course-schedules/

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