BSI logos, trademarks and linking policy

We’re dedicated to supporting our clients in making excellence a habit. For every business. Every day. Maintaining our brand and reputation is essential. Not only for us, but also for our clients to guarantee that being associated with BSI represents their commitment to excellence.

Our BSI logo, strapline, BSI Kitemark™ logo and the text ‘BSI Kitemark™’ are trademarks of BSI and are registered in the United Kingdom and in other countries. We protect our marks and logos in all countries which uses them. You must not use any of our trademarks without written approval.

Obtaining Assurance Marks

If you are a BSI certified client you can access Mark of Trust logos for your certification(s) from the BSI Connect Portal.
For our food sector/safety clients, please contact for access to scheme logos, BSI Marks of Trust and the guidelines for use of these marks to promote your BSI certification.

If you aren’t a BSI client but wish to use one of our trademarks you must gain written approval. We want to protect our brand so making sure that it is used correctly is vital.

Please email with the following information:

  1. What logo or trademark you wish to use (BSI logo, BSI Kitemark™ logo etc.)
  2. Where you want to use the logo
    • If in a publication, the name of the publication, author etc.
    • If online, a link to the webpage
  3. The context surrounding the use of the logo. E.g. The associated text in the publication or the web copy of the webpage
  4. Any additional background information that we need to be aware of

If we agree to let you use our trademarks (which is at our sole discretion), we’ll issue you with a licence agreement that you’ll need to sign.

Once the licence agreement is signed and returned, you’ll receive the requested trademark in a high resolution format.

You cannot use our BSI trademarks:

  • If it appears that BSI is endorsing research, statistics or anything outside of our organization’s scope
  • If you refuse to give us any context about the logo
  • If you want to use our trademark incorrectly or in a way that hinders our brand and reputation

CE marking

The CE marking is not a BSI trademark. Please visit the European Commission website for more information.

UKCA marking

The UKCA marking is not a BSI trademark. Please visit the UK Government website for more information.

Linking to our website

We encourage you to link to the BSI website. You can summarize the content to tell your users what is useful or relevant by visiting BSI website.

Please do:

  • Reference the website only as ‘BSI’
  • Link to the specific page that you want your users to visit, e.g. For information on ISO 9001, please link to or subpages therein
  • Clearly identify the link to the BSI website without misleading your users by using ‘ALT’ text or other means
  • Remove the link if requested from BSI at any time

Please don’t:

  • Copy content from our BSI website without referencing. See our copyright rules
  • Mislead your users that BSI is endorsing your website or company in any way
  • Violate our Intellectual Property Statement
  • Link to our website if your website is used for illegal purposes, is distasteful, or inappropriate for people of all ages
  • Use any BSI branding on your website without written approval or pass yourself off as BSI (The British Standards Institution)

Please note that we can remove consent for you to use our logos, or link to our website without any reason necessary and at any time.

For more information please contact the BSI Brand Team on