WEEELABEX General Training for Operators

Together with the WEEELABEX organization BSI offers training courses about the WEEELABEX scheme. The course will be delivered by a qualified lead auditor who can share his experience with you.

What is the Training Schedule?

The training course will take 3 days:

  • Introduction of WEEELABEX organization
  • Conformity Verification process
  • Listing, Delisting and Appeal process
  • Eligibility of treatment operators
  • Types of audits and batch tests
  • Audit reports, audit documents and audit follow-up
  • The WEEELABEX treatment standard:
  1. Administrative and organizational requirements
  2. Technical requirements
  3. Annex A (normative) Depollution guidelines
  4. Annex B (normative) Depollution monitoring
  5. Annex C (normative) Requirements concerning batches
  6. Annex D (normative) Determination of recycling and recovery rates
  7. Specific requirements
  8. Specific requirements for the treatment of CRT display appliances
  9. Specific requirements for the treatment of flat panel displays
  10. Specific requirements for the treatment of lamps
  11. Requirements for the collection, transportation, storage, handling and treatment of household cooling and freezing appliances containing CFC, HCFC or HFC