Human rights risks

The responsibility for the work environment, as well as health and safety issues does not end at an organization’s doorstep but extends to the supplier base. Environmental, health and safety incidents can stifle organizational productivity, increase costs and intensify business risk. Incidents in the workplace can encompass a range of issues ranging from hygiene to hazardous working conditions. Mitigating workplace risk reduces an organization’s potential liability and hedges against reputational damage. Occupational health and safety is a key pillar for corporate and social responsibility (CSR) and is an instrumental component in driving operational performance.

Assessing workplace safety to ensure your most valuable asset – people – not only helps improve your operational efficiency, but also empowers your organization to protect that asset by proactively understanding the risk exposure. Risks such as poor ventilation, blocked fire exits, lack of training, and inadequate safety equipment are just some of the factors that can lead to environmental, health and safety problems in your supply chain.