Environmental, health and safety risks

Consumers and regulators are increasingly concerned with the effects manufacturing may have on the health and safety of workers as well as the detrimental environmental impacts involved in the process including questionable working conditions, product toxicity, sustainability of packaging goods, waste management, and greenhouse gas emissions.

The demand for products created from more sustainable materials and processes, along with improved working conditions is growing. Organizations that are indifferent or unconscious to environmental, health and safety (EHS) issues are quickly vilified in the news and on social media, harming their brand and reputation. Because of this, assessing environmental, health and safety risks are critical to your supply chain audit program.

Sustainability and environmental stewardship coupled with safe working conditions are all necessary for maintaining and improving the bottom line. Companies that manage their operational inputs, such as energy, water, and materials can reduce costs while also reducing their environmental footprint and mitigating the impact on worker health within their supply chains.