BSI Kitemark™ for Energy Reduction Verification

Prove your energy reductions and win with BSI’s Energy Kitemark™ Services…

For some organizations, simply measuring and managing your energy consumption is not enough - you may be required to prove your reductions in CO2 emissions resulting from energy use.  BSI’s new BSI Kitemark Energy Reduction Verification (ERV) scheme has been developed to offer both large and small organizations with a way to verify and certify the reduction in COemissions resulting from energy use and present clear and independent information on your energy usage to stakeholders, investors, specifiers, consumers and regulators

Importantly, for those organizations that are required to participate in the Government’s Carbon Reduction Commitment Energy Efficiency Scheme (CRC) - the UK's mandatory climate change and energy saving scheme – this BSI Kitemark ERV scheme has been approved by the Environment Agency as an Early Action Metric under the CRC scheme.   Certification to this scheme means you can verify the energy savings you make, improve your position on the CRC Performance League Table and protect your organisation’s reputation.

Consumers do not trust environmental claims unless they have been independently verified – but they do trust the BSI Kitemark. Research conducted by Consumer Focus showed that 58% of consumers think that a lot of companies pretend to be green just to charge higher prices. Independent verification with BSI Kitemark can gain you credit with customers for taking action on the environment.

The BSI Energy Reduction Verification Kitemark

The BSI Energy Reduction Verification Kitemark scheme is based on the implementation of key elements of an energy management system using ISO 50001 and will independently verify the management and measurement of the system as well as verify the reductions CO2 emissions resulting from energy use. A company achieving a reduction of at least 2.5% per annum calculated from three years worth of data will be awarded the prestigious BSI Kitemark


BSI Kitemark™ Scheme for Energy Reduction Verification

Key features and benefits of the scheme:

  • The BSI Kitemark ERV scheme focuses on CO2 emissions.  It has been designed specifically with the CRC requirements in mind so that only greenhouse gas emissions from energy use are taken into account without complicating the measurement with the impact of other sources of carbon such as transport.
  • The BSI Kitemark ERV scheme is based on ISO 50001, a recognized best practice approach to energy management. So not only will it verify your energy reductions, it provides the framework for a robust management system enabling you to identify, manage and reduce your energy use for years to come.
  • For those organizations that have not yet implemented an energy management or environmental  management system, the BSI Kitemark ERV scheme will gives a good basis from which to progress.
  • For those organizations that already have an environmental management system certified to ISO 14001, the two standards are very similar - making it a straightforward transition to implement the requirements of ISO 50001 and meet these elements of the BSI Kitemark scheme.  Organizations certified to ISO 14001 will receive a 30% discount on the duration of the BSI Kitemark verification when combined with assessment and certification to ISO 50001.
  • The verification by BSI is independent of consultancy, giving integrity and credibility to the process.
  • Organizations achieving certification to this BSI Kitemark scheme will be able to use the BSI Kitemark logo, which has Superbrand status
  • Whilst the BSI Kitemark certificate is valid for 2 years, organizations can choose to have their reductions verified more frequently to provide more up to date measurement and assurance of progress.