ResponsibleSteel™ Certification

ResponsibleSteel™ Certification

A global scheme for responsibly sourced and produced steel

A global scheme for responsibly sourced and produced steel

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ResponsibleSteel™ is the steel industry’s first global multi-stakeholder standard and certification initiative. Their mission is “to enhance the responsible sourcing, production, use and recycling of steel”. It is a not-for-profit organization developing sustainability performance standards and an independent third-party certification programme to support the steel sector in making the necessary changes for success.

By achieving certification to the standard organizations in the construction, steel, infrastructure, and sustainability industries can demonstrate their responsible steel credentials to customers and stakeholders. Organizations can gain market benefits and demonstrate their contribution towards the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), such as Goal 12 Responsible Production and Consumption and Goal 13 Climate Action.

BSI is proud to be approved as the first AU/NZ based certification body for the ResponsibleSteel™ standard.

The Standard

The ResponsibleSteel™ standard is the world's first certifiable set of requirements for responsible steel processing and production.

The standard consists of 12 principles, covering the key governance and social and environmental issues influenced by steelmaking:

Principle 1. Corporate Leadership

Principle 2. Social, Environmental and Governance Management Systems

Principle 3. Occupational Health and Safety

Principle 4. Labour Rights

Principle 5. Human Rights

Principle 6. Stakeholder Engagement and Communication

Principle 7. Local Communities

Principle 8. Climate Change and Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Principle 9. Noise, Emissions, Effluents and Waste

Principle 10. Water Stewardship

Principle 11. Biodiversity

Principle 12. Decommissioning and Closure

What are the benefits of ResponsibleSteel™?

Certification to ResponsibleSteel™ allows:

  1. Producers to meet the sustainability needs of their customers
  2. Improved responsible sourcing, reduced risk in the steel supply chain and the development of operational efficiencies
  3. Leading producers to promote steel as a responsible material
  4. Reduction in GHG emissions
  5. Sound management of air, water, and biodiversity impacts
  6. For jobs that are safe for the health of workers and communities
  7. Responsible patterns of production and consumption are met