Benchmark Product Certification

The Benchmark Mark is a registered certification mark owned and operated by BSI. It is one of the most recognized symbols of quality and safety and offers true value to consumers, businesses and procurement practices.

Once you have achieved your certification, you are authorized to display the Product Certification Mark on your compliant product and may also be applied to the certified product packaging, information sheet or advertising materials.

Displaying the Benchmark Product Certification Mark associates your business with a recognized brand and provides credibility to your key marketing messages. The mark is a valuable marketing tool to promote your compliant product, organization and service capability and we encourage you to use it fully.

Features and benefits for Product Certification

For many organizations, certification is a vehicle to opening up new markets, to differentiate between products and to ensure best practice.

Some of the benefits of product certification include:

  • Compliance with the law 
  • Demonstration of due diligence
  • The ability to enter into new markets and maximize the potential of existing markets
  • Enable your product to stand out from your competitors          

Provide your current and prospective clients with peace of mind and confidence in your product - most importantly, certification demonstrates to your current and prospective clients that your product has undergone a rigorous audit and testing process.