Electrotechnical Standardization Strategic Advisory Council - ESSAC

What is ESSAC?

The Electrotechnical Standardisation Strategic Advisory Council (ESSAC) is made up of senior national stakeholders in the field of electrotechnology and fulfils the role of the UK National Committee for the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) and European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardization (CENELEC).  It has two subcommittees reporting to it: (a) L/1 - the electrotechnical technical policy committee; and (b) L/6 – the coordinating committee for the IEC Conformity Assessment Board and Conformity Assessment Systems.

What are electrotechnical standards?

Electrotechnical standards underpin our modern and connected world by ensuring the performance, reliability, efficiency and safety of electrical and electronic systems and devices: from household appliances, medical equipment, transportation, office equipment, information technology, to renewable energy systems and the efficient and smart use of electricity. Electrotechnical standards also contribute to all 17 sustainable development goals and play a strong role in fostering a sustainable world.

What is the role of ESSAC?

ESSAC’s role involves:

  • Providing strategic advice on policy developments at the international, regional, and national level as it pertains to electrotechnical standardisation
  • Identifying priorities for electrotechnical standardisation policy and activities
  • Pinpointing emerging and developing technologies for which standardisation can offer effective and efficient tools for growth, commercialisation, and access to market
  • Establishing partnerships with key stakeholders and interaction between the electrotechnical sector and other domains
  • Championing the role of electrotechnical standards and raising the profile of how they can help support government policy objectives and regulation
  • Shaping what the electrotechnical standardisation strategy should look like at the national, regional, or international level.
  • Advising BSI on the future strategic direction of the electrotechnical sector and the role of standards within it.

ESSAC operates in accordance with BSI principles and BS0.  This includes the World Trade Organisation’s Technical Barriers to Trade principles of standardisation: (i) transparency; (ii) openness; (iii) impartiality and consensus; (iv) effectiveness and relevance; (v) coherence; and (vi) development dimension.


 The membership of ESSAC is open to senior industry representatives, current and potential future users of electrotechnical standards in the private and public sector, trade associations and business representative bodies, regulators, consumer organisations, environmental NGOs, academics and researchers, young professionals, trading standards, and government departments that have proven expertise and are active at a strategic level in electrotechnology and/or a related field.