The BSI IoT/1 Committee


The IoT/1 Committee is the central BSI Committee addressing horizontal standardization issues pertaining to the privacy, security, safety and interoperability of the Internet of Things. The Committee is actively working to align IoT standardization efforts at the national and international level; it is the UK mirror to ISO/IEC JTC 1/ SC41 – Internet of Things and Related Technologies, the international IoT Committee. 

IoT/1 has wide expert representation across several industry verticals, trade associations, consumer groups and academia. It has recently focused on the security of connected devices and industrial systems. The Committee also oversees the UK Privacy by Design panel, IoT/1-5, which is currently developing a Privacy by Design standard for connected devices in the consumer market.

The IoT/1 Committee is dedicated to developing standards that respond to the needs of SMEs operating in the IoT context. In July 2018 we held a workshop designed to understand the main opportunities and challenges that these SMEs are facing and how standards can help to meet some of these challenges. The Committee has released a White Paper that summarizes the key findings from this workshop and next steps. You can download a free copy here:

Navigating and Informing the IoT Standards Landscape


Building on the white paper, a group of UCL students, who were part of an MPA in Digital Technologies and Public Policy, have collaborated with BSI to do some further research and have written the report entitled: Burden or benefit: do standards work for IoT SMEs?


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