blueKiwi awarded ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certification

Paris, France - 2 June 2016 - blueKiwi, provider of social collaboration software to support enterprise digital transformation, announces they have been awarded International Standard Organisation (ISO) 9001 and 27001 certification from the British Standards Institution (BSI).

Dominique Grelet, CEO of blueKiwi stated: “The 27001 certification confirms that effective controls have been implemented to secure customer and partner information, and that this is managed at the right level. This demonstrates our ongoing commitment to security practices and risk management. In confluence with the 9001 certification it reflects our involvement to surpass customer expectation by continuously improving and enhancing the quality of our product and service.”

“We took the whole certification process even a step further by using our own product to build the ISO Management System, thereby ensuring employee engagement and collaboration and with excellent results. The Management System became alive and part of the daily operations of all employees: the knowledge base reflects how work gets done and how we can improve our way of collaborating. The Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle is now part of our DNA.” said Mischa van Oijen, CPO of blueKiwi.

Dave Hagenaars, the Managing Director of BSI is pleased with the achievements of blueKiwi: “The fact that blueKiwi has used their own collaboration software solution for the effective implementation of their management system is unique. It also very much facilitated the cooperation between the BSI Assessment Team and blueKiwi during the initial audit process. The issuance of the ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certificates demonstrates our confidence in the management system of blueKiwi.”

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About blueKiwi
blueKiwi is Europe’s leading SaaS provider of social collaboration software. We help companies improve their business performance irrespective of size, sector or location, with a focus on greater cooperation and participation. Since it joined the Atos Group in early 2012, blueKiwi has secured a global presence and unique Cloud technology expertise enabling it to undertake the most ambitious projects. blueKiwi’s focus on social collaboration, combined with Atos’s broad products and services portfolio, creates incomparable value for customers.
blueKiwi’s approach has already successfully been replicated in other organizations. For more information and a copy of the ISO use case, please contact info(at) or visit