EDANA QAP training course

To sign-up for our public training there is a book now button below. The public pricing is presented here as well. In case you wish to train 4 people or more, please contact our Training Advisors via training.nl@bsigroup.com for our inhouse training options. More information about the training can be found below:

  • About EDANA QAP training
  • Who should attend
  • What will delegates be able to define
  • What the course is about
  • What is included in the course
  • Inhouse training options and group pricing


About EDANA QAP training

Suppliers serving the hygiene industry have historically been burdened with multiple quality standards and/or requirements, and multiple parties auditing single suppliers against similar but not identical criteria.

The EDANA QAP harmonized certification scheme was created to address this issue by establishing an internationally recognized ‘baseline’ against which the performance of suppliers of absorbent hygiene products and personal care wipes can be universally assessed.

Obtain a detailed understanding of the key terms, definitions, requirements and practical application of the EDANA QAP harmonized quality assurance certification scheme for suppliers in the hygiene industry and learn how participation in the scheme can help your organization better meet your customer needs. Upon successful completion of your course, you will receive an internationally recognized BSI certificate.

This course is about

  • Understanding the key requirements and benefits arising from the implementation of the EDANA QAP scheme
  • Managing scheme conformity and drive continual improvement within your own organization
  • Attract and retain customers by demonstrating conformity with an internationally recognised standard specifically created for those in the absorbent hygiene products and personal care wipes industry by the industry’s leading professional body

In-house training course
If more than five employees need to understand, implement, audit, your management system, a training session can be delivered for your company. Based on your learning needs we could provide an in-house training course for your team.

In case you sign-up multiple colleagues an additional colleague price reduction applies.

EDANA QAP training multi person discount:

# of delegates Discount % # of delegates Discount %
1 0% 7 30%
2 5% 8 35%
3 10% 9 40%
4 15% 10 45%
5 20% 11 47,5%
6 25% 12 (or more) 50%

For more information about the learning path or in-house training courses, please contact our Training Advisors via training.nl@bsigroup.com.