Boiler Efficiency Directive (92/42/EEC)

What is the Boiler Efficiency Directive about?

Directive 92/42/EEC covers the efficiency requirements for new hot-water boilers fired with liquid or gaseous fuels.

The directive is one of the measures implementing the Ecodesign of Energy Related Products Directive 2009/125/EC which sets out efficiency requirements for energy consuming products and is designed to help the EU meet its target of reducing its energy consumption by 20% by 2020.

The Boiler Efficiency Directive relates to standard boilers, low-temperature boilers and gas-condensing boilers with an output of between 4 kW and 400 kW.

A key requirement of the directive is the use of clear, consistent energy efficiency labels on hot-water boilers, enabling easier comparison and bringing them in line with the energy labelling scheme for fridges, freezers and other white goods.

If you’re a hot-water boiler manufacturer or distributor you need to ensure products meet the essential requirements of the directive before the CE marking is applied.

Who is the Directive for?

The Boiler Efficiency Directive applies to any manufacturers and distributors of hot-water boilers wishing to sell their appliances in Europe. Once the requirements have been met, a manufacturer can apply for CE marking, an essential trade passport which allows you to place products on the European market. 

What products are covered by the Directive?

Directive 92/42/EEC covers new hot-water boilers fuelled by natural gas, oil or LPG with 4 kW to 400 kW output.

It specifies energy efficiency limits for standard, low-temperature and gas-condensing boilers. 

The Directive excludes:

  • Boilers fired by solid fuel
  • Equipment for instantly preparing hot water
  • Appliances which produce and store hot water for sanitary purposes
  • ‘One-off’ boilers that are not part of a series
  • Appliances which use non commonly marketed fuel (e.g. biogas)

How BSI can help you meet the Directive requirements

As a Notified Body for the Boiler Efficiency Directive we can help you meet the necessary requirements of the directive and gain swift access to the European market.

We can also help with the following:

CE mark approval – The CE Mark demonstrates that your product meets regulatory requirements allowing you to market and distribute products freely throughout Europe. As a Notified Body for an extensive range of EU Directives, we can help you understand and meet the specific requirements to display CE marking, enhancing your brand reputation and opening up new trade opportunities.

Global service, world-class expertise – BSI is the biggest and most respected testing and certification body in the world. With more than 270 technical experts located in over 100 countries, we provide the most extensive and efficient testing services, accelerating time to market and giving you a head start of the competition.

To find out more about our testing and certification schemes for hot-water boilers, or for simple, straightforward technical advice on any aspect of the Boiler Efficiency Directive, call our experts now on +6 03 9212 9638.