Occupational Health and Safety training courses

Occupational Health and Safety training courses

Our training courses will help you understand how to protect the people you work with everyday.

Our training courses will help you understand how to protect the people you work with everyday.

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Training courses for ISO 45001

ISO 45001, is the first global Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) management system standard. ISO 45001 replaces the widely implemented BS OHSAS 18001 (which has now been withdrawn).

BSI is the world leader in occupational health and safety management systems. We were the originators of the first guide on occupational health and safety in 1996 which laid the foundation for OHSAS 18001, the standard upon which ISO 45001 was built. This expertise is carried through to our extensive training programmes, so no one is better qualified than us to deliver occupational health and safety training courses.

Our most popular courses


Through a series of interactive exercises you'll learn how to meet the requirements of the standard and understand how to implement a safety management framework tailored to your organization's needs.

ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems Awareness On-demand Training Course >

Occupational health and safety is critically important to both you and your interested parties. This course will help you understand what occupational health and safety is, why it’s important and, how you can contribute to effective information security in your organization.


30 minutes on-demand training course

ISO 45001 Requirements on-demand >

- Qualification Available - 


If you need to understand the requirements of an occupational health and safety management system and are confident enough not to need tutor-led training, you can opt for an online, self-paced version of our ISO 45001 Requirements course.


Looking for a tutor-led course with peer-to-peer interaction? This course is also available in a virtual or location-based classroom.


4 hours on-demand training course

ISO 45001 Senior Management Briefing >

As a leader, your commitment and support is crucial to the success of your organization's Occupational Health and Safety Management System (OH&S MS). This executive session highlights top management leadership and commitment requirements within ISO 45001. Through this, you'll gain a better understanding of both your organization's obligations and your personal responsibilities within an OH&S MS. 

Contact us for a customized quote | Now available online

ISO 45003 Psychological health and safety at work >

Learn how to manage psychosocial risk across your organization as part of your overall occupational health and safety management system based on ISO 45001, in order to: prevent psychosocial harm in the workplace, implement effective controls to eliminate or manage psychosocial risk and continually improve the management of psychosocial risk. 


1 day training course | Now available online

Auditing skills

Equip yourself with the skills to conduct management systems auditing.

ISO 45001 Requirements and Management Systems Auditing >

This course will give you an overview of OHS management systems, the requirements of ISO 45001, OHS management documentation and the process approach. You'll learn the principles and practices of effective management systems process audits and be guided through the entire internal audit process, from planning an audit to reporting on audit results and following up on corrective actions. You'll also learn the responsibilities of a Lead Auditor and how to effectively lead an audit team.


3.5 days training course | Now available online

Combined Internal Auditor ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 >

A combined management system (ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001) allows you to monitor quality, environmental, occupational health and safety across all operations. Critical to this is the way you monitor the system’s performance. This course has been designed to furnish you with the knowledge and skill to be able to conduct a combined internal audit.


3 days live online or in-house training course l Now available online

ISO 45001 Lead Auditor Training Course >

This five-day training course teaches you how to take the lead on auditing an operational health and safety (OH&S) management system. You’ll gain the skills to plan, conduct, report and follow up an audit in line with ISO 45001. At the end of the course, you'll have the opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge and skills through continual course assessment and a post-course online exam.


5 days training course

ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001 Combined Requirements >

This fast paced, one-day combined management training course helps you to evaluate the importance of Quality, Environmental and Health and Safety standards in securing future business success. It provides an ideal introduction to the broad topic area of Quality, Environmental and Health and Safety standards and certification.c


2 days in-house training course | Now available online

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