Disability Employment Services (DES) and Support Employment Services (SES) (NSDS)

BSI is JAS-ANZ accredited to provide certification to the National Standards for Disability Services (NSDS) for disability employment services and Australian Disability Enterprises (ADEs) funded by the Department of Social Services and/or registered as employment providers under the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).

Disability Employment covers two types of service delivery:

  • Disability Management Services (DMS) assists people with a disability to find employment and occasional support to maintain employment

  • Employment Support Service (ESS) assists people with a disability who require regular ongoing support to maintain employment.

Supported employment services are provided by Australian Disability Enterprises and provide supported employment opportunities to people with disability. Funding for ADEs is gradually transitioning to the NDIS. This means that while ADEs are currently required to undertake quality and safety audits to the NSDS, they will be required to transition to the new NDIS Practice Standards in 2019.

The NSDS replaced the previous Disability Service Standards (DSS) in 2014 and comprise of six consumer centric standards. Disability employment providers are required to achieve and maintain certification to these standards.

Assessments of disability employment providers are conducted by an audit team comprising at minimum of a Lead Auditor and a Consumer Technical Expert (CTE). At BSI, our team of NSDS auditors and CTEs have extensive knowledge of the disability employment sector and quality and risk management in addition to extensive experience in assessing providers to the standards.