PrimeSafe was established on 1 July 2003 under the Seafood Safety Act 2003 and the Meat Industry Act 1993. PrimeSafe has responsibilities for regulating in Victoria the safety of:

  • Meat
  • Poultry
  • Seafood

PrimeSafe is also responsible for the regulatory management of pet meat and pet food.

Function of PrimeSafe:

The functions of PrimeSafe are prescribed under Section 44 of the Meat Industry Act 1993 as follows:

  • to control and keep under review the standards of meat, poultry meat and game meat produced for consumption or sale within the state;
  • to control and keep under review the standards of the construction and hygiene of plant and equipment in a meat processing facility;
  • to control and keep under review the standards of construction, maintenance, cleanliness and hygiene of meat transport vehicles;
  • to ensure that appropriately qualified persons are authorised as inspectors;
  • to license meat processing facilities;
  • subject to the Regulations, to determine categories of licences;
  • to approve quality assurance programs and to monitor the implementation of those programs;
  • in consultation with the Secretary of the Department of Health or a municipal council, to protect public health;
  • to fix and charge fees in respect of the carrying out of any of its functions or the exercise of any of its powers;
  • to carry out the functions conferred on the Authority by the Seafood Safety Act 2003 or the regulations made under that Act; and
  • to carry out any other function that is conferred on the Authority by the Meat Industry Act 1993 or the regulations or by any other Act or the regulations made under any other Act

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