Webinar: Understanding ISO 45003 - Why it's developed and how it aligns with ISO 45001

ISO 45003:2021 - Occupational health and safety management. Psychological health and safety at work: managing psychosocial risks. Guidelines. This international standard provides practical guidance on managing psychosocial risks and promoting well-being in the workplace. Every organization has occupational health and safety responsibilities.

Join our webinar to learn why organizations should step up their efforts to support mental health at work, and to gain a better understanding of the thinking behind and content of ISO 45003.


Our webinar will address:

  1. What is ISO 45003 and why it was developed
  2. How does it relate to ISO 45001 – occupational health and safety management system?
  3. Similarities and differences between ISO 45001 and ISO 45003
  4. What are the implementation steps for ISO 45003?
  5. How the standard can be used as a tool to assist with compliance with the WHS psychosocial / psychological codes of practice we now have in Australia 
  6. Trainings provided by BSI on ISO 45003


Who should attend the Understanding ISO 45003 webinar?

Anyone already using ISO 45001, first-time users, and organizations that haven't yet implemented an occupational health and safety management system, but which want to improve OHS. Roles will likely include:

  • OH&S professionals and managers in organizations of any size, including SMEs
  • HR staff
  • CEOs and board members
  • Asset managers
  • Business owners

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