Webinar - Cybersecurity in the Food Industry: A Growing Threat

What's this webinar about?

In a climate of increasing frequencies of cyberattacks on local and global businesses, many organizations in the food industry are extremely vulnerable and under prepared should an attack occur. Disruptions to production and distribution, loss of proprietary information and reputational damage can be disastrous, but the risk to Food Safety is under recognized and could have catastrophic consequences to the industry as a whole.

The webinar will explore how to identify risks in your organization, the pathways for risk reduction and how to minimize damage in the event of an incident.

• Increasing rates of cyberattacks targeting the food industry
• Vulnerabilities of food businesses and the impact to supply chains
• The unrecognized food safety risk that is cybersecurity
• The impact of cyberattacks on food businesses, including financial losses, reputational damage, and product recalls
• How to protect your food business from cyberattacks
• The links between cybersecurity and food safety culture

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