Our business policy

BSI Group complies with ISO/IEC 17021-1:2015 and is accredited by most of the world's leading accreditation bodies. In order to provide confidence and demonstrate the impartiality of our assessment processes, BSI believes in the principle of openness, while respecting the strict confidentiality of customer data derived from its clients.

Audit and Certification Process

A description of our audit and certification process is contained within the terms and conditions agreed with each client. These are in full accordance with the relevant standards.


The aim of management system certification is to inspire confidence from the public and interested parties that an organisation certified by BSI fulfils specified requirements. This confidence depends upon many factors including the competence of management and staff, impartiality and the perception of impartiality and the avoidance of conflicts of interest. To that end, BSI Group follows the principles set out in ISO/IEC 17021-1:2015 and has appointed independent impartiality committees around the world whose primary role is to safeguard BSI's impartiality.

Certifications status

BSI Group makes publicly accessible information about the certification status of each of its clients through the Certificate and Client Directory.  This shows whether a certificate is current, suspended or has been withdrawn in the last month.

Suspension Policy

BSI Group does not, in the normal course of events, suspend certified clients and will only do so under exceptional circumstances and on a case by case basis. Under suspension, the certification of a client's management system is invalid until the suspension is lifted. Such suspension will be made clear on the BSI client directory.

Appeals Process

If you are a certified client of BSI Group and have a dispute concerning your certification and which you have been unable to resolve either through your Client Manager/Auditor, or with the local management of your BSI Group office, you may appeal in writing to the Managing Director of the BSI Group office in your country. The address of each office can be found in the "Country Selector" on the BSI website.

Regardless of country location, following the receipt of an appeal, an independent appeal panel will be appointed which is independent of the issue under consideration. A meeting of the appeals panel and the interested parties will be convened as soon as practicable. Evidence from all parties will be heard in confidence and the appeals panel will make a final and conclusive decision which will be notified in writing to BSI Group and the Appellant.

Complaints handling register and process

BSI Group takes complaints against itself and its clients seriously.

Complaints about BSI Group should be submitted by any means, but in writing, to the Compliance and Risk Director of the BSI Group office in your country. We will ensure we understand your concerns fully and will deal with the complaint fairly and promptly. You will be kept informed of the progress and we will reply as soon as the complaint has been fully investigated.

Complaints about a registered client should also be submitted in writing. Having confirmed that the subject client is registered by BSI Group, we will ensure that they are taking appropriate action and confirm how the issue has been dealt with during a subsequent audit of the client. For this reason, these complaints may take longer to fully resolve.

Public knowledge of complaints

BSI will not make complaints against itself or any of its client’s public unless required to do so by a court of law.

Policy on gifts or hospitality

BSI group employees are prohibited from giving money or gifts which could be construed as bribes. The BSI employee must provide an exclusive service to the Group and must not, accept any incentives, bribes, commissions or like inducements from any suppliers or customers of the Group. 

The acceptance of tips, gifts or any form of gratuity from customers or representatives of firms or Governments with which an employee does business or may do business is strictly prohibited. 

'Token gifts', business lunches or advertising material do not constitute a violation of this policy but should be disclosed promptly to the employees' manager. In addition, BSI employees are not to offer money, gratuities or bribes or promises of money to any client or potential client of BSI Group. These rules also apply to External Resource Contractors while they are contracted to BSI.