Food industry standards

Escalating population growth, the globalization of supply chains, economic pressures and increasingly complex consumer eating habits are creating complicated and often conflicting pressures on the global food sector. We help our customers certify to globally recognized standards so they can increase their resilience and credibility. 

Retailer standards

Large, global food organizations rely on suppliers like you to help meet the needs and expectations of their customers. To protect the health of the customers who shop in their stores and eat in their restaurants, they need to be sure that the products they buy are produced with the same focus on food safety as they have in place in their own facilities.

To accomplish this and protect their brand, they mandate that their suppliers are subject to their own, customized standards for food safety or to broader food safety standards like BRC.  BSI audits against many of these proprietary programmes, including:

Aldi Supplier Requirements

Coles Housebrand Supplier Program

Costco Supplier Requirements

McDonald’s Supplier Program

Woolworths Supplier Excellence (WSE)