What is ISO/IEC 27017?

Information technology -- Security techniques -- Code of practice for information security controls based on ISO/IEC 27002 for cloud services

Used with ISO/IEC 27001 series  of standards, ISO/IEC 27017 provides enhanced controls for cloud service providers and cloud service customers. Unlike many other technology-related standards ISO/IEC 27017 clarifies both party’s roles and responsibilities to help make cloud services as safe and secure as the rest of the data included in a certified information management system.

The standard provides cloud-based guidance on 37 of the controls in ISO/IEC 27002 but also features seven new  cloud controls that address the following:

  • Who is responsible for what between the cloud service provider and the cloud customer
  • The removal/return of assets when a contract is terminated
  • Protection and separation  of the customer’s virtual environment
  • Virtual machine configuration
  • Administrative operations and procedures associated with the cloud environment
  • Cloud customer monitoring of activity within the cloud
  • Virtual  and cloud network environment alignment

If you work for a cloud service provider or are looking to move your business to the cloud, our ISO 27017 Overview can help you understand the key areas of the standard, more about the 7 new controls and how organizations can benefit from