Lean Six Sigma Training

Lean Six Sigma is a two staged approach which drives continual improvement in organizations and strives towards greater than 99% efficiency.

Lean refers to maximizing customer value and minimizing the areas of waste in processes; creating enhanced customer satisfaction and less wasted resources. Six Sigma is the ongoing effort to continually reduce product and process variation through a defined project approach.

Combined, the two approaches can result in benefits including reduced costs, retained business, improved staff morale and increased customer satisfaction.

Current Lean Six Sigma Training Courses

Certified Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt >

Project teams are the basic functioning units in the Six Sigma system. A team consists of a team leader and team members. The team leader should be trained at least to the Green Belt level. As for the team members, some basic training will be beneficial for the effective functioning of the teams. This training aims to equip the team members with the basic level of Six Sigma problem-solving skills to become Six Sigma Yellow Belts.


3 Day Classroom-based Training Courses | Now available online

Green to Black Belt Upgrade >

Lean Sigma Black Belts are breakthrough leaders who harmonize the use of Lean and Six Sigma methodologies to resolve operational issues and improve process performance, which have not been able to achieve through the singular use of Lean or Six Sigma. Thus, a critical resource for the successful implementation of Lean Sigma is the rigorous DMAIC improvement methodology and the effective applications of powerful tools.


9 Day Classroom-based Training Course | Now available online

Certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt >

This rigorous Certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt training is designed to develop experts with an in-depth understanding skills of the Six Sigma concepts, methods and tools that are necessary to achieve breakthrough improvement in key processes. The programme is specially structured to optimize learning and application through training, coaching and on-the-job project implementation.


18 Day Classroom-based Training Course | Now available online