Implementing CSA STAR Certification

Apply CSA STAR Certification to your business, enhancing your information security management best practice, and let us make the process simple for you.

Top tips for implementing CSA STAR Certification

  1. Get commitment and support from senior management    
  2. Engage the whole business with a sound communications strategy    
  3. Establish a competent and knowledgeable implementation team    
  4. Download the Cloud Control Matrix (CCM) from the CSA    
  5. Compare existing processes and procedures with relevant CCM requirements and ISO/IEC 27001    
  6. Make sure your scope is aligned with customer critical processes and implement all relevant controls within the CCM    
  7. Benchmark your current capability against the maturity model and see where there are opportunities to improve   
  8. Clearly lay out a well-communicated plan of activities and timescales. Make sure everyone understands them and their role in achieving them    
  9. Share CSA STAR Certification knowledge and encourage staff to train as internal auditors
  10. Regularly review your system and controls to make sure you are continually improving it

CSA STAR Certification for SME’s

No organization is immune from information security risk. CSA STAR Certification gives SMEs the confidence to meet expectations – from legal to new business opportunities – giving you a solid and secure base to grow from.