BRC Global Standard for Agents and Brokers (Issue 1)

Developed to meet the needs of the food industry, this standard covers brokers, agents, importers and exporters. It has five core requirements:

  • senior management commitment
  • hazard and risk assessment
  • product safety and quality management system
  • supplier and subcontracted service management
  • personnel

Specific categories of products are covered for food products, food packing materials and pet foods.

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Why choose the BRC agents and brokers standard?


  • Unique to this industry and is globally recognized through the BRC brand
  • Product safety and quality with a specific traceability, product security and food defence focus
  • Reduced audit burden (BRC certification is recognized by many retailers around the world, so a BRC-certified system may meet the needs of many of your customers)
  • Product safety and quality focussed
  • Increased customer confidence, opening new market opportunities
  • Clearly defined risk-based requirements based on due diligence requirements  

Who should use BRC Agents and Brokers?

The standard was created to provide confidence in organizations involved in the sourcing and trading of food products, food packing materials and pet foods. This includes:

  • Brokers that purchase or ‘take title to’ products for resale to manufacturers, other brokers, retailers or food service companies, but not directly to the consumer.
  • Agents or non-manufacturing service providers that trade between a manufacturer or broker and their customer but do not at any point own or take title to the goods. This includes companies that provide services to facilitate the safe and legal trade of products.
  • Importers/exporters who facilitate the movement of products across national boundaries, satisfying legal and customs requirements. Importers and exporters may also be agents and/or brokers.

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