ISO 45001 - Read Latest Update Now

We would like to update our clients on the development of ISO 45001, a new standard consolidating the best practice knowledge on Occupation Health and Safety (OH&S). ISO 45001 is expected to replace BS OHSAS 18001, the world’s leading management system standard for OH&S.

The development of ISO 45001 reached the Draft International Standard (DIS) stage earlier this year when the DIS was published in February. This has been followed by a three-month period to allow for comments and balloting. The next milestone will be the ISO committee meeting to be held in June 2016. The committee will review the ballot results and manage the comments that have been submitted. This should result in a further announcement on the timelines for the next stage in the development of the standard thereafter.

Recognizing how vital OH&S is to keeping employees safe and healthy around the world, BSI is best positioned to keep our clients and all other interested parties up-to-date regarding the status of this process. To support this effort, BSI has produced a Mapping Guide as well as other materials to help guide our clients through the process of moving from one standard to the other. In the meantime, we continue to support our OHSAS 18001 certified clients to help reduce risk, protect workers and maintain compliance.

  • Every 15 seconds, a worker dies from a work-related accident or disease.
  • Every 15 seconds, 153 workers have a work-related accident.
  • Every day, 6,300 people die as a result of occupational accidents or work-related diseases – more than 2.3 million deaths per year.
  • 317 million accidents occur on the job annually; many of these resulting in extended absences from work.
  • The human cost of this daily adversity is vast and the economic burden of poor occupational safety and health practices is estimated at 4 per cent of global Gross Domestic Product each year.

*(source ILO)