Next generation of supply chain risk solutions

BSI, the business standards company, announces the launch of its enhanced Supplier Compliance Manager (SCM) and Supply Chain Risk Exposure Evaluation Network (SCREEN) solutions. These online risk assessment tools enable organizations to visualize and analyze global supply chain risk to effectively manage their compliance programs with unequalled precision. 

SCREEN’s unique supply chain intelligence provides organizations with actionable, risk-based data to underpin the management of an organization’s global supply chain. With SCREEN’s expansion into social responsibility and business continuity, organizations are able to proactively analyze risk using over 20 risk indicators in more than 200 countries. This unparalleled supply chain intelligence service provides organizations with the ability to identify, manage and mitigate global threats that could affect the supply chain – in a number of areas ranging from forced and child labor, human rights, working conditions, man-made and natural disasters, and a host of other supply chain risks.  

SCM’s newly enhanced automated features allow organizations to streamline their supply chain self-assessment, third party or internal audit management efforts through a single comprehensive solution. SCM combined with BSI’s SCREEN intelligence provides users with a deeper and more predictive understanding of both geographical and individual supplier risk. SCM’s assessment builder and Corrective and Preventative Action (CAPA) features provide the capability to customize assessments, identify potential threats and implement corrective actions to ensure specific corporate objectives are met. To further visualize risk, BSI has developed a customized risk builder allowing an organization to select and weight risk variables and ‘risk-index’ suppliers, transportation providers and corporation locations. This allows an organization to identify and quantify risk as their organization deems fit. SCM is a best known practice among multiple Fortune 500 companies and Trade Compliance Programs. 

“In order to stay competitive in today’s global economy, corporation’s dependency and utilization of international suppliers and factories continues to grow. Protecting your brand while balancing social, security and business continuity risks with these outsourced companies is imperative. BSI’s SCREEN and SCM solutions allow firms to map, quantify and predict the hidden exposures within their global supply chain operations and trade compliance programs. The expansion into risk-based Social Responsibility and Business Continuity compliance allows firms to manage all their trade compliance programs in a single solution” Marc Barnes, Managing Director, BSI Group ANZ Pty Ltd.




About BSI Supply Chain Solutions

BSI Supply Chain Solutions is the leading global provider of supply chain intelligence, auditing services, audit compliance and risk management software solutions, and advisory services. Our mission is to help corporations, governments and associations identify, manage and mitigate global supply chain risks and maintain world class governance risk and compliance programs.  Our holistic supply chain risk management suite is designed to predict and visualize risk, and develop robust risk mitigation and compliance management programs to protect your supply chain, brand and reputation. Our intelligence-infused supply chain solutions and global network empower our clients to understand global supply chain risk with unequalled precision.

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