What is Certification?

The process of certification involves an accredited third party certification body such as BSI assessing an organisation in order to ascertain that their management systems meet the requirements of one or more recognized standards

What are the Benefits of Certification?

Becoming certified to a nationally or internationally recognized standard:

  • Improves overall performance, builds confidence within all stakeholder groups and broadens the scope of new opportunity
  • Promotes continual improvement and ensures that your business processes are constantly being reviewed and refined to ensure effectiveness and efficiency
  • Allows an organisations processes and values to permeate all levels of the business and boosts staff responsibility and commitment to these processes and values through regular audits

It's important to be realistic about the benefits and costs of implementing quality systems. On the one hand, you will need to commit time and resources to develop a framework that will support business continuity and growth. On the other, if you don't and rely on a ‘business as usual' approach, you may find an unexpected issue causes much bigger financial and operational problems.