Waste and recycling

Waste and recycling

We help organizations manage their resources and address industry challenges.

We help organizations manage their resources and address industry challenges.

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Waste and recycling

With approximately 228 million tonnes of waste every year in England alone, landfill operators have a duty of care to both the environment and their workforce. Heavily regulated by legislation at UK and EU level, the industry is subject to emotive and sensitive issues. BSI can help you protect the environment, your reputation and your staff with the adoption of standards to implement successful management systems, including ISO 14001 (Environmental Management), BS OHSAS 18001 (Occupational Health and Safety) and ISO/IEC 27001 (Information Security).

Managing environmental risk

Landfill sites are heavily regulated by the Environmental Permitting Regulations (England and Wales 2010) and the European Directive on the Landfill of Waste. In addition, they are challenged with the negative stigma associated with waste going to landfill sites.

ISO 14001 is the internationally recognized standard that outlines how to put an effective environmental management system in place. It can help you deliver considerable environmental, economic and social benefits by providing a framework for managing sustainability, whatever your size, sector or geographical location. ISO 14001 embeds the requirements for an environmental management system into business operations and can help waste and recycling organizations to:

  • Meet regulatory compliance
    In such a heavily regulated industry there are huge risks surrounding breaches of environmental legislation. ISO 14001 provides a mechanism for complying with legal and industry requirements, protecting your organization from heavy fines, clean up costs, and the possibility of criminal convictions.
  • Prevent pollution
    A lot of work is required to deal with landfill gas from decomposing items and leachate. Left unmanaged, it can escape into the atmosphere or water sources leading to an environmental and commercial catastrophe. ISO 14001 provides a framework to help manage and reduce your environmental impact and the associated threats such as fines, breaching legislation, and bad publicity.
  • Stakeholder relations
    Landfill sites may be at high risk from negative PR. With legislative demands from the government, pressure to reduce operational costs for customers and the worry of complaints from the local community, there are many stakeholders to consider. Through the adoption of ISO 14001, you can show that you care for the environment and enhance your reputation, giving your organization the competitive edge and helping you to attract new business.

Keep your workforce safe

According to HSE, the waste and recycling industry is one of the most dangerous environments in which to work with 97 workers and 19 members of the public being fatally injured between 2004/5 and 2011/12, and 3,722 employees suffering major injuries. These alarming figures have led to the development of a blueprint to address the terrible death toll and high accident rates.

Don’t place your workers or visitors at risk. Create a safer and healthier workplace with BS OHSAS 18001, the international standard for occupational health and safety. It will help you identify health and safety risks up front and put controls in place to manage them. With a BS OHSAS 18001 compliant management system you can:

  • Reduce workplace accidents and illness
    Through the implementation of BS OHSAS 18001, organizations can reduce the incidence of workplace accidents and illness, keeping people safe, and cutting related costs and downtime.
  • Create the best possible working conditions
    As Britain’s most dangerous industry, BS OHSAS 18001 can assist you to create the best possible working conditions within your organization, which can engage and motivate staff.
  • Demonstrate compliance to customers and suppliers
    Through the adoption of BS OHSAS 18001, you can demonstrate that you care for your staff and provide your organization with preferred supplier status, helping you to attract new business.

Confidential waste management

Maintaining the confidentiality of information during recycling, whether paper records or electronic information held on disused ICT equipment, is of paramount importance. ISO/IEC 27001, the international standard for information security provides an ideal framework for recycling organizations to identify and manage information risks associated with the handling and disposal of confidential records. By implementing a compliant ISO/IEC 27001 management system you can benefit from:

  • Reassured customers
    Having ISO/IEC 27001 provides customers with reassurance that sensitive or confidential data will be destroyed in a safe and secure manner when it is no longer needed. This prevents misuse and protects your company and those to whom the information or data relates.
  • Meeting legislative compliance
    One thing you can’t outsource is your legislative responsibility.  By putting in place an ISO/IEC 27001 complaint management system, waste and recycling organizations can ensure that appropriate policies and procedures are in place to ensure their customers do not fall foul of their responsibilities under the Data Protection Act.
  • Market advantage
    A certified management system demonstrates to stakeholders that information risks are being monitored and managed to best practice. This can lead to a market and tender advantage, helping you win new business.

Addressing knowledge gaps

To make sure you are well equipped to implement the appropriate management systems in your organization BSI has a number of associated training courses, both public and in-company. We will work with you to make sure you have the knowledge you need, whether it’s in understanding the standard, implementing it in your organization or auditing against the requirements.

BSI - your partner every step of the way

We pioneered standards more than 100 years ago and today we’re the market leader. We help over 80,000 clients ranging from top global brands to small ambitious businesses in 182 countries worldwide to gain an edge over their competition. As one of the few organizations that understands standards from start to finish, we don’t only assess how well you’re meeting them, we create new standards from scratch and train teams globally to use them and perform better. Our knowledge can transform your organization.