Inception of a Project

Inception of a Project



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The inception of a project

Scoping a project and defining project outcomes brings with it many points to consider before a brief is fully defined, from considering the needs of all users and stakeholders to considering finances, performance criteria and the lifetime of a building.

We understand your challenges:

  • Getting a clear brief from the client and sufficient strategic information
  • Risk management considerations
  • Understanding the full scope and resources needed
  • Dealing with diverse stakeholders whose needs and values may conflict
  • Considerations for the project team such as environmental, budgetary, and quality requirements – which can cause tension
  • Making early strategic and tactical decisions that determine the boundaries of the project, and avoid project changes later on
  • Ensuring best fixed prices for the duration of the contract

How we can help

We have been working with clients in construction and the built environment since 1901, helping to standardize all stages of built assets and create organizational resilience to help you stand the test of time, adapt to change and succeed.

From the outset through to completion of a built asset and beyond, our clients tell us that our services enable them to improve their products and services, increase their competitive edge, reduce the likelihood of mistakes, and manage their risk.

From Standards, Training, Assessment  or Software, our products and services can help you adopt formal frameworks which will help manage and recognise your shared goals, as well as environmental, health and safety and quality requirements. We also offer collaborative business relationship management solutions, which can help define a shared understanding of a problem, a common purpose and outcome.

No standard? No problem

If potential risks or commercial opportunities are identified and no standards exist, we help companies develop specifications in order to work with regulators, set an agreed level of good practice or quality or establish trust in an innovative product or service.

From Standards for Construction and Built Environment

Training for Construction and Built Environment

Assessment for Construction and Built Environment

Digital tools for Construction and Built Environment

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