Menlo Security


The Menlo Security Isolation Platform (MSIP) eliminates the possibility of malware reaching the devices of end users from key attack vectors including web and email.

Menlo’s cloud-based isolation and Adaptive Clientless Rendering™ (ACR) technology, isolates a user’s session, meaning all content (e.g. Java, Flash etc.) is fully contained in the MSIP platform.

Only safe, malware-free rendering information is delivered to the user’s endpoint.Malware or ransomware has no path to reach an endpoint, meaning legitimate content needn’t be blocked by IT security. Administrators can open up more of the internet to their users while simultaneously eliminating the risk of attacks.

Malware isolation - how it works

Menlo’s patented technology eliminates the need for endpoint software or plug-ins, while delivering a transparent experience to the user’s native browser.

The MSIP is deployed between a user’s device (e.g. desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone) and the internet. User web requests are sent via the MSIP proxy, which accesses the web on the user’s behalf and executes the user’s session completely. 

The Menlo platform provides isolation for both clear-text and SSL-encrypted web content and is available as a public cloud service or can be deployed on premise. The MSIP can be  a stand-alone system or used in with existing security technology. It can also integrate with an organization’s mail servers to provide protection against spear-phishing and other email attacks.

The Menlo Security Isolation Platform (MSIP) can be deployed to any size of organization. s, It supports any device,operating sysmte (OS) and browser and delivers a user experience that is indistinguishable from normal web access.