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We enable organizations to be more trusted. More secure. More responsible. More robust. More innovative. More agile. Combined, this enables an organization to be more resilient, ultimately enabling them to stand the test of time.

How trusted is your organization?

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Your customers need to be able to trust your organization. To do so you need to assure them that your products, processes and business decisions are reliable, safe, ethical and sustainable. Building a trusted brand starts with commitment. Ask yourself, can customers trust the safety and reliability of your products? Are you embedding quality processes at every level of your organization? Are your employees safe at work? Do you have a back-up plan?

The BSI Kitemark™ is the ultimate symbol of trust. We test products and services thoroughly, replicating the way they will be used and with on-going reviews, your customers can be sure they’re safe. The BSI Assurance Mark is also a symbol of trust, whether it’s for the iconic ISO 9001 Quality Management system, or ISO 22301 Business Continuity – your customers are reassured that you’re continually improving the way you do business.

Secure | Responsible | Robust | Innovative | Agile | Resilient

How secure is your organization?

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A secure organization is better protected from threats. Your stakeholders – investors, employees and customers alike – need to be confident that your organization is secure and dependable.

Security is about assessing, managing and mitigating risks, from flood, fire and theft, to cybercrime and supply chain disruption. It demands the protection of all your assets, both tangible and intangible, ranging from people and premises to intellectual property and customer data. BSI services and solutions help solve these challenges.

Our Supplier Compliance Manager enables you to have transparent oversight of complex supply chain networks and SCREEN provides visibility into geographic supply chain risks. We’re also a reputable provider of the world’s most widely adopted information security management system, ISO/IEC 27001, which acts as the foundation for your organization’s information security challenges. Combined with our international penetration testing services, we help ensure your vital systems are more secure. We can help you take a proactive approach to mitigate global risks, secure your business and become more resilient.

Trusted | Responsible | Robust | Innovative | Agile | Resilient

How responsible is your organization?

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A responsible organization has responsible leaders, who act legally and ethically to manage risks and embrace opportunities. A responsible business ensures the health and wellbeing of its people; it provides quality-assured, legally-compliant products and services.

It controls its impact on the environment, minimizing energy consumption and carbon emissions while managing waste. It fulfils its obligations to customers, supplying safe, reliable products and maintaining vital services. With awareness of the society in which it operates, a responsible business seeks to work collaboratively with customers, suppliers and partners to bring benefits to all its stakeholders and contribute to its commercial success.

BSI offers a wide range of environmental, health and safety services including certification to standards such as ISO 14001 Environmental Management and ISO 50001 Energy Management. For clients not certified with us, we also offer a range of consultancy services within environmental services, ergonomics, air permitting and modeling as well as responsible supply chain solutions.

Trusted | Secure | Robust | Innovative | Agile | Resilient

How robust is your organization?

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Being robust starts with inspiring and effective leadership. Sound corporate governance, risk management and the right people are paramount to strengthening your organization. Being robust means having the ability to protect your assets and overcome business interruptions. Understanding your supply chain is critical to this, allowing you to monitor supplier compliance, identify weaknesses and manage exposure to risks.

A robust organization is adaptable. In a changing world, where new threats and opportunities are constantly evolving, your business must respond rapidly to shifting forces, from technological advances and innovation, to sustainability and globalization. In practice, making your organization more robust requires action. It means implementing effective management systems and processes that are efficient and reliable. BSI’s products and services, delivered by experts, can help your organization be more robust.

Trusted | Secure | Responsible | Innovative | Agile | Resilient

How innovative is your organization?

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Innovation is about adaptability, forward thinking and developing new practices and ideas that contribute to significant shifts in industry. BSI understands innovation. Since 1901, when we wrote the first standard relating to steel sections for tramways, our business has continuously evolved – we now offer over 58,000 standards. We were and continue to be at the forefront of national and international standardization.

The knowledge embedded in the standards we publish helps organizations improve their performance, manage risk, innovate and grow. We work closely with governments, trade and educational bodies and technical experts to develop solutions to support rapidly changing landscapes, new digital technologies, sciences and industry practice. We are relentlessly pioneering new standards developing expertise in areas such as the Internet of Things, digital manufacturing, ethical practices with robots, smart cities and many more.

Trusted | Secure | Responsible | Robust | Agile | Resilient

How agile is your organization?

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Speed of decision making and the ability to adapt in today’s ever-changing business environment is vital for any organization that wants to thrive. Sometimes this means protecting your business from issues your industry may face in the future. When businesses are faced with having to adjust their agendas to social change, regulatory issues and other unpredictable obstacles, external insight and expertise is crucial.

BSI’s consultancy services offer this unique insight. In order to help you adapt quickly to modern-day challenges, our consultants can help you build and improve internal and external business relationships, identify and enhance processes, align leadership and engage people. Whether it’s for a short, fixed period, or a more detailed programme, we can offer personalized insight in areas such as environmental, health and safety, supply chain, information security and more.

Trusted | Secure | Responsible | Robust | Innovative | Resilient

How resilient is your organization?

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A resilient organization anticipates and adapts to both incremental change and sudden disruption in order to survive and prosper in a dynamic, interconnected world. It must be robust, secure, responsible, trusted, innovative and agile. Resilience means striving to embed best practice across an organization. It requires continuous improvement, not only in its people, products and processes, but also in the key areas of operations, information and supply chain to enable faster, more effective decision making.

BSI can help you achieve this. We can be your guide, enabling you to build capability, competence, strength and reliability throughout your organization. Harness our experience to counter threats, embrace opportunities and face the future with confidence.

Trusted | Secure | Responsible | Robust | Innovative | Agile