ISO 14001 Environmental management

ISO 14001 Environmental management

The world's most recognized environmental management system

The world's most recognized environmental management system

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What is environmental management?


Environmental management helps businesses of all sizes across all sectors make their day to day operations more sustainable. Sustainability can ultimately save money, improve brand reputation, engage employees and build resilience against uncertainty as well as the ability to rapidly adapt to change.

Depending on how your organization operates today, this may not require a lot of change beyond documenting what and how you do or it may mean a number of changes that can result in a more efficient business, cost or waste reductions and give stakeholders peace of mind.

Leading benefits of ISO 14001 experienced by BSI customers:






Other benefits of  implementing an environmental management system:

  • Better environmental management leads to less waste and decreased energy use
  • Improve the efficiancy of your company and lower costs
  • Be prepared and resilient in the ever changing corporate landscape
  • By being ISO 14001 compliant, your organisation complies with rules and regulations 
  • Also, your company gains more trust among clients and stakeholders

ISO 14001 standard further explained

ISO 14001 improves environmental performance

ISO 14001 standard provides guidance on how to consider multiple aspects of your business procurement, storage, distribution, product development, manufacturing, etc.- so that it reduces its impact on the environment. It also drives you to evaluate how you manage emergency response, customer expectations, stakeholders and your relationships with your local community.

Whether you are developing or formalizing your environmental management system (EMS), ISO 14001 certification can deliver more than regulatory compliance and the ability to meet supplier requirements.

For environmental conscious organisation ISO 14001 is a great guideline for the management system to embed the environmental friendly company culture.

How to certificate ISO 14001?

Benefits of ISO 14001 implementation

Leading benefits of ISO 14001 experienced by BSI customers:


Benefits of implementing ISO 14001:

  • Reduced waste and an increase in efficiency
  • Improved levels of compliance to environmental legislation
  • Improved reputation and stakeholder satisfaction
  • Reduce costs and environmental impact by identifying opportunities for re-using and recycling materials

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Need a transition to 14001 ISO

ISO 14001:2015 has been published! Is your organization up to date? To ensure that ISO 14001 continue to serve organizations and maintain its relevance in today’s market place, the standard has been revised. The new standard addresses the change in environmental practices, and ensures that the management system is future proof.

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How BSI helps

Understanding and/or applying the requirements of any standard to your business isn’t always a straightforward process. BSI has helped train and certify countless organizations around the world.