IECQ Certification

IECQ – IEC Quality Assessment System for Electronic Components

We are a leading provider of IECQ certification. Established by the IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) in 1980, IECQ is a global certification and approval scheme for electronic components, associated materials, assemblies and processes.

Electrical and electronic devices and systems often comprise hundreds of components and parts. To assure leading manufacturers that components used in their products and systems meet IEC’s International Standards, purchasing managers can opt for suppliers who hold IECQ certification.

Acquiring IECQ certification offers several important advantages for both electrical & electronic component manufacturers, and their electrical ‘big brand’ customers, including:

  • Product Quality Assurance – An independent third-party guarantee that an electrical component meets required quality and safety standards, as well as technical specifications
  • Reduced Costs - IECQ eliminates the need to conduct repeat quality audits on individual electronic component manufacturers’ facilities, processes and products
  • Enhanced Process – IECQ optimises supply chain management for safer, streamlined working practices
  • Market Acceptance –IECQ certification offers a high level assurance to end-customers as to the safety and reliability of an electrical product and its components

IECQ – What it covers

IECQ covers all elements of an electrical component’s design, manufacture, assembly and distribution and includes, but is not limited to:

  • Active components
  • Electromagnetic components
  • Electromechanical components
  • Electro optic components
  • Hybrid Integrated circuits
  • Passive components
  • Wire, cables and connectors
  • Component Modules
  • Electronic component enclosures and housing materials

IECQ – How it works

IECQ certification comprises two parts: Facility certification and product certification.

Facility certification involves assessing a supplier’s quality management system to authorise facility certification for a process, component or component part in accordance to a particular industry standard.

For product certification, the supplier must demonstrate via testing that the component conforms to the manufacturer’s specified quality requirements. If a supplier has their own in-house testing facility, our assessors can evaluate the suitability of the test facilities for achieving accurate results.

Apply for IECQ certification

As a recognized, accredited provider of quality IECQ certification, we can undertake all aspects of your IECQ facility and product certification, affordably and quickly.

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