ISO 26000 Guidance on Social Responsibility

ISO 26000 outlines international recommendations for making your organisation more socially responsible. It will guide you in building and delivering a long-term corporate social responsibility (csr) strategy, whatever the nature of your business. ISO 26000 can help you address everything from working practices to environmental policies, sustainable development and the communities that you impact.  

What is csr?

Social responsibility has become one of the most important factors to measure your organisation’s performance and this is true of all sectors of society. What is csr? Corporate social responsibility is an organisation’s legal and voluntary duty to consider its social and environmental impact of its decisions and activities. A corporate responsibility strategy outlines the ways that an organisation contributes to sustainable development, engages with its stakeholders and behaves ethically.  

What are the benefits?

  • Design and build a social responsibility strategy tailored to your business
  • Adapt this strategy to any legal, cultural or political environment
  • Manage social or environmental issues specific to your business
  • Engage employees, communities and business partners in your strategy
  • Win greater trust and credibility as a socially responsible organisation