What is the Internet of things?

There is already one Internet of things (IoT) device for every person on the planet, and they are set to unlock $11.1 trillion of economic value by 2025. This concept not only has the potential to transform how we live but also how we work. The IoT is a network of connected smart devices, people and systems, enabling data to be exchanged, combined and analysed to drive efficiency and innovation. 

IoT spans all kinds of smart devices. This includes everything from mobile phones to coffee makers, from washing machines to door locks, from CCTV cameras to office lighting systems. The opportunities and connections to devices are endless, but the complexity of IoT makes it difficult to build trust in new products and services.

How can BSI help?

BSI is creating a trusted framework to shape, share, embed and support innovation, and the safe and reliable use of IoT applications, data and devices. As with many growing areas of technology, the market currently lacks accepted best practice and clear standards for IoT.

BSI has created a strong, dynamic IoT Community to shape new opportunities, create best practice, increase confidence and trust, and accelerate the market. The community is connecting IoT buyers and suppliers across industries including for smart cities, the built environment and BIM, transport and supply chains, autonomous systems and interoperability.

We have also heavily invested in the capability to provide independent verification of security and interoperability for connected devices.  Through our purpose built IoT laboratory we offer assurance for IoT functionality, reassuring our clients and their customers that their IoT enabled product or system is safe and secure.

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