How to get involved with standards

Get involved in standards that make people’s lives better and help organizations thrive.

Standards affect all of us every day – wherever we go, whatever we do. By defining good practice, they help people, business and the economy.

What kinds of people get involved?

We welcome all applications; you only need to have relevant knowledge and experience, or to represent relevant group of stakeholders. The goal is to have a balance of views around the table. 

So our standards-makers might be:

  • Individual experts of all ages and backgrounds
  • Seasoned professionals or industry innovators
  • Nominated representatives of government, professional bodies and academia
  • Representatives of charities and public interest groups

Different ways to get involved

Visit our standards development portal to:

  1. Suggest an idea for a new standard
  2. View and comment on proposals for new standards
  3. View and comment on draft standards (Drafts for Public Comment - DPCs)


      4. Become a standards-maker

      5. Join the consumer network and represent the voice of the consumer

Stakeholder forums

Throughout the year we run a number of stakeholder forums to gather their views on the need to develop new standards. These forums are free to attend and open to anyone with an interest in or knowledge of the subject-matter.