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BSI Standards Consulting

Improve your performance. Permanently

Solving your complex business challenges through our unique capabilities.

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How we can help you

Our specialist consultants help businesses and public sector organizations achieve their objectives by extracting the maximum value from standards.

Standards are consensus-driven statements of good practice, designed to:

  • Make business operations more effective
  • Protect consumers
  • Simplify supply chains
  • Speed up innovation
  • Support global growth

Whatever your problem, you’ll get standards expertise and consulting rigour that applies best practice to deliver a demonstrable result – whether that’s lower costs, reduced risk, a new revenue stream or a faster route to market.

The BSI difference

When you work with us, you benefit from a unique blend of capabilities, relationships and values:

Deep industry expertise
We bring a depth of expertise to sectors from built environment and healthcare to the public sector, and topics from organisational resilience to sustainability.

Wide cross-sector knowledge
We take ideas from one sector and apply them intelligently to another, so you can learn from how other industries are taking the lead.

Unmatched understanding of standards
We’re specialists in standards consulting – so whatever your sector or challenge, we can show you how to use UK and international standards for maximum benefit.

Analytical and consulting rigour
No snap judgements, no formulaic solutions. Our top tier consultants’ approach is firmly evidence-based and outcome-focused.  

Independent, impartial advice
Our clients get objective advice that’s driven purely by their needs, uncompromised by interests in any particular sector or business.

Relationships with government
We offer the best of both worlds: complete independence from government, combined with strong relationships with many UK departments. This is supported by international relationships with governments, standards-making organizations and public sector bodies.

Global contacts
As well as BSI’s own consultants and specialists, you also get the benefit of our vast network of UK and international contacts. We bring in industry experts and partners to ensure our advice gives you the highest possible value.