Digital and physical security

Digital and physical security



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How secure is your construction business?

In today’s world, companies must be trusted to safeguard sensitive information. A resilient organization must manage its information – physical, digital and intellectual property – throughout its lifecycle, from source to destruction.

This requires the adoption of information security-minded practices that allow your stakeholders to gather, store, access and use information securely and appropriately.

  • Construction sites can be dangerous, how do you protect workers and the public?
  • What about protecting the site from vandalism, arson and theft of valuable items?
  • How about cyber threats, how do you secure devices and protect intellectual property from the clutches of the cyber-crime underworld?
  • What about espionage, market manipulation and infrastructure disruption?

Mitigating these threats require businesses to think about - and act upon - essential physical and cyber security measures, not least for your own protection, but for the protection of your customers and third-parties.

How we can help

As a leading provider of research and development, auditing services, training, data compliance, managed technology solutions and advisory services, we help organizations respond to everyday information security challenges. We can help you:

  • Embed a robust framework to build information resilience
  • Proactively identify, anticipate and respond to cyber threats and information security risks
  • Safely manage and secure your customers’ information, strengthen your information governance and safeguard your critical infrastructure.

Solutions to help you prevent security risks

We have a wide range of solutions to help you manage security and protect your business:

Standards for Construction and Built Environment:

Training for Construction and Built Environment:

Assessment and testing services:

Business Improvement Software and Digital tools for Construction and Built Environment:


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